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Organise your own CHOUFFE-party!Organising your own party is always a fantastic idea, certainly with CHOUFFE! Marcel has created several CHOUFFE games and accessories to make your sunshiny day even more unforgettable! Let's party!

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You need several glasses when you have several friends!

Marcel has so many different friends, small & big! Marcel wouldn't be Marcel if he hadn't made a suitable glass for everyone. Because of the different sizes of the glassware, you can let all your friends taste while drinking the different CHOUFFE beers, what a CHOUFFE idea!

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Chouffe pancarte La Chouffe 2023
The more the CHOUFFE, the more the FUN! Staying at home has never been so much fun! Decorate your home and garden with all the beautiful and handy CHOUFFE accessories, YES!

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